Weddings & Events


Q. what is your availability?

A. Welp, we’re all booked up until 2025. Thank you for your interest and best of luck in your venue search!

Q. What about choosing my own VEndors?

A. We recommend choosing from our list of approved vendors as they know our venue and our policies, and have worked with each other in the past. Because we want your event to go smoothly, there are numerous things we want to protect, therefore any vendor or person providing a service in our space must be approved by our staff before you book them. All vendors must be able to provide us with a Certificate of Insurance listing us as an "additional insured" as well as sign our Vendor Agreement. View our vendor list.

Q. do I need a Wedding coordinator or Planner?

A. Yes. We request that you hire at minimum a day-of coordinator. Unexpected things happen and a dedicated, professional coordinator or planner is prepared for this. Take a look at our vendor list for a few of our favorites. If you have someone else in mind, let us know and we'll work to approve that vendor. View our vendor list.

Q. Do you allow ALCOHOL?  

A. Sure, through approved and qualified licensed bartenders! View our vendor list.


A. Two items we require to reserve your date, a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit at booking. We cannot hold any dates without both items.  
Our deposit schedule is as follows:

At booking: 25% deposit (holds date)
90 days before event: 25%
30 days before event: Final payment (50%) + $1,000 refundable security deposit

*We reserve the right to cancel an event if payments are not received by the due date.


A. Definitely. This is what it's all about - make it yours! Just skip glitter, confetti and helium balloons. 


A. Of course we are! Everyone is welcome here. We do not discriminate against anyone who wants to celebrate at Fines Creek Farm.

Q. WHAT about parking and transportation?  

A. We're a rural mountain venue, so sharing rides whenever possible is highly encouraged. 50 field parking spots are included in your venue rental. Additional overflow parking for 10 spots is available.

Hiring one of our approved vendors to pick your guests up at their accommodations and shuttle them to and from the venue is our preferred method. If you wish to allow guests to drive separately, hiring one of our approved shuttle service vendors to transport guests safely up and down our driveway to the field parking is a must. View our vendor list.


A. Absolutely! Thinking outdoor ceremony? Down by the Apple Tree OR in front of the Weeping Willow by the Barn OR the front lawn looking down the cove. You could even choose to have your ceremony INSIDE the Barn and then head upstairs for cocktail hour! Bottom line - choice is good.

Q. What about SMOKing?

A. We have a designated smoking area in the front of the Barn. We do not allow any smoking or tobacco products elsewhere on premises. 


A. We include (2) two portable wedding restrooms (up to 100 guests) in your rental as the Barn is NOT equipped with restrooms. The Cabin and Cottage each have one (1) restroom for casual use. Our vendors also offer upgraded and luxury restroom trailers if that's more your thing. Upgrades are on you. View our vendor list.


A. Last call for all alcohol by 10:00 PM. Your event must end and guests start to leave by 10:30 PM. Guests depart and Final Clean-up by 11:00 PM. We do limit alcohol service to 6 hours so guests can partake in alcoholic beverages safely. 


A. Due to the turnover of our events, we are not able to receive any deliveries or pick-ups before the contracted venue open and close times. We recommend you plan ahead so you are removing all your items immediately after the event ends. Designated decision maker must be present on-site to receive any deliveries on behalf of client.


A. Yes, many couples choose to rent the venue the night before their wedding to host their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Of course additional fees apply, but you save money on tables, chairs, decor and rentals. We can also schedule a tentative rehearsal that would take place in a morning time around our scheduled events. All rental packages include (2) two-hour site visits and/or rehearsal periods or photography sessions ahead of your event. 


A.  Service dogs are allowed and special circumstances may be considered.


A. Both the Cabin and Barn feature partial Air Conditioning. The Cabin features central heating and the barn features industrial heaters. No one wants to be uncomfortable on their big day! Huge doors, tons of windows, and mountain living means we usually have cross-breezes at the barn. 


A. The send-off is one of our favorite parts of a wedding, we love to see our guests wish the bride and groom off in style. We are open to glow sticks, bells, streamers or any items that don't create a large mess. Unfortunately due to a fire in the past (eek!) we are not able to allow sparklers. We also aren't able to accommodate glitter, birdseed, confetti or anything that will leave small particles on the ground. Even items that promise to "wash away" with water aren't easy to clean up and would result in you being charged a clean-up fee. We hate fees.

Venue policies

Rental Times

Fines Creek Farm is booked in 7, 14 or Whole-Weekend blocks of time respective to our 3 wedding packages: Half-Day, Full-Day, and Weekend. All wedding ceremonies and receptions are required to book at least the Full-Day/14 hour blocks of time. Nothing may be set-up any earlier than the contracted times, and the event must be fully broken down by the end time,no later than 11:00 PM. We recommend you leave at least two hours for set-up and 1 hour to break down. This means all vendors must be out of the building by your end time, otherwise overtime charges may apply.

Venue spaces

Fines Creek Farm consists of four spaces:  The Barn + Grounds, The Farm, The Cabin and The Cottage. The Half-Day package includes The Barn + Grounds event space only and is for non-wedding events. The Full-Day package includes The Barn + Grounds, The Farm, and The Cabin. The Weekend Package includes All spaces from noon Friday to noon Sunday. The Barn is the primary event venue. The Farm includes fields, pastures, tobacco barn, fire pit, hiking trails, open space perfect for field and outdoor ceremonies as well as parking. The Cabin includes sleeping arrangements for up to eight and/or a bridal suite or preparation area. The Cottage is a quaint, but basic grooms suite.

Booking Confirmation

All proposals are considered tentative until a deposit is received and a contract is signed by the Client, we cannot place any holds. All pricing is also subject to change until a contract is signed.  The venue you are interested in today but want to think about tonight is the same venue that someone else saw yesterday and is coming back to book today!

Deposit Schedule

8+ months out: 25% deposit at booking (holds date), 50% if event is booked less than 8 months out
30 days before event: Final payment + $1,000 refundable security deposit
All deposits and payments are non-refundable.
We reserve the right to cancel an event if payments are not received by the due date.

Security Deposit

Refundable security deposit of $1,000. The deposit will be returned to the client within 30 business days of the event if there are no property damages, additional cleaning fees or overtime charges.  Damages may include but are not limited to:

  • Stains on the flooring, linens or walls including: wine, wax, gum, chocolate, coffee, tea, soda, food, grease and/or burns.

  • Damage to walls, paint, furniture, linens, rentals or other equipment.

  • Clogged drains in prep kitchen or restrooms.

  • Damage to the exterior structure including bricks, landscaping or parking areas.

  • Trash bags left inside, all trash should be disposed of in the dumpsters.

  • Any theft of venue property.


We have put together a fantastic list of experienced caterers, musicians, photographers, florists, bakers and other services that you are free to choose from.  We do ask that you choose vendors from this list since they are all familiar with our policies and we trust that they will work hard to make your event a huge success.  You can find the list of approved vendors on our website at here. All other vendors must be approved by Fines Creek Farm.   


In the event of inclement weather, the client may choose to have Outdoor ceremonies tented. Client is responsible for any tent rentals. We are not able to offer any refunds or prorates due to bad weather.

Confirmation of Details

We want to make sure your event is perfect, so we will work with you to help put together all the details of your special event, including your rentals. Our event worksheet must be completed and turned back into us at least two weeks prior to the event.  Changes or additions to the event plan after that may result in last minute booking fees.

Designated Decision-Maker

Each party should have a max of two designated decision makers on-site the entire event. This person will help direct the vendors and handle any issues that may arise and work with venue owners to simplify event communication. We recommend hiring an approved wedding planner or day-of coordinator to fill this role.


Vendors must provide safe alcohol service, guests will be asked to show a legal form of identification if they appear under  the age of 30. We reserve the right to discontinue service by your vendor to over-served guests. Last Call no later than 30 minutes prior to end time. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken outside the Barn building or beyond the Cabin deck area - no wild adventures around the farm :)


Fines Creek Farm provides one security guard to ensure your event runs smoothly.

  • Armed, well-dressed security guards will be booked by Fines Creek Farm

  • One security guard is required for every 150 guests.

  • Additional security may be required if the event is deemed to be high risk.

  • Security must be on-site 30 minutes before the event begins and at least 30 minutes after it concludes.

  • Fines Creek Farm reserves the right to charge the client for additional security time if we determine there is an unsafe situation and security needs to stay later.

Guest conduct

All guests of the event should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  

  • There is one designated outdoor smoking area. No smoking is allowed elsewhere on the premises.

  • No illegal drugs or paraphernalia is allowed on the property, including in vehicles.

  • Guests may not engage in any kind of obscene profanity, altercations or fights.

  • Guests conducting this type of behavior will be asked to leave the property immediately.


No open flames are allowed in the venue. Candles are not allowed on the premises.

  • Please skip the glitter, confetti, birdseed, balloons, sparklers, and fireworks.

  • Nothing may be taped or affixed to any walls, doors or windows without permission from us.

  • When loading and unloading, we ask that nothing is dragged on the floors.

  • All decorations should be removed by the Client at the conclusion of the event.

Catering Policies

At least one person from the catering company should remain on-site until the conclusion of the event. Venue staff or owners are not responsible for bussing tables, taking out trash or breaking down catering rentals. This is the responsibility of the catering company or client. Fryers and grills outdoors only. Caterer is responsible for thoroughly cleaning any spills, stains, or damages. Grease mats should be placed under all cooking equipment. Caterer must provide their own shelter tent. Trash Cans and trash bags are provided by the venue, however the caterer is responsible for taking the trash out at the conclusion of the event.


Facilities - Barn(s), grounds, farm, cabin, cottage

Barn Capacity – up to 150

Land - 90 acres

Setting - Rural, natural, private

On-site Kitchen – Yes, Weekend Package

Catering Space - Yes, flexible

Sleeping Accommodations - Yes (up to 8)

Electrical - Yes, ample capacity, many outlets throughout

Lighting - Yes, dimmable indoor, outdoor

On-site Host - Yes

On-site Parking - Yes, but guest shuttle preferred

Valet / Parking Assistant – Client must provide

Shuttle Friendly - Yes

Bridal Prep Area - Yes

Groom Prep Area - Yes

Smoking - Yes, outdoor designated space only

AC/Heating – Yes, partial

Handicap Accessible Barn - Yes, both floors

Pet Policy - Yes, service pet only

Fireworks/Candles - No

Firepit - Yes, on-site

Tenting Space Available – Yes

Nearby Towns - Waynesville (15 mi), Maggie Valley (15 mi), Asheville (35 mi), Sylva (40 mi), Cherokee (30 mi)

To Hold Date - 25% or 50% rental price, signed contracts

Refundable Security Deposit - $1,000 due (30) days prior to event

Event Types – Flexible (Ceremony, Reception, Dinner, Retreat, Corporate Functions)

Wedding Coordinator/Planner - Client must provide either

Cleanup - Client responsible for cleanup, end by 11pm

Event Insurance - Client must provide day-of insurance

Alcohol Policy – allowed, client must provide Special Occasions Permit

Decor Options - Yes, many included decor + antiques

Site Tour - Free (1-hr), by appointment only

Full-Day Access - 14 hr. (incl setup/cleanup), end by 11pm

Weekend Access - noon fri to noon sun, end by 11pm

Photography Access – Yes